About brooke

The conservation student hoping to promote New Zealand's unique creatures, one drawing at a time.


Brooke Hartigan is a young artist from Whangarei, New Zealand. She draws mainly with coloured pencil, selling prints of her artwork at markets and galleries around Northland.

Having drawn from an early age, Brooke is now studying conservation. Her studies have ignited her passion for New Zealand’s native flora and fauna and thus inspire her drawings. Brooke's love of and enthusiasm for New Zealand's birds is clearly shown by her preferred subject matter.

Brooke is always in or around her happy place - the bush. Hunting, fishing and being immersed in nature are what keeps her busy away from art and her studies. 

Brooke’s art is realism that involves a bird or animal in simple but effective style. Through her art, Brooke hopes to promote the conservation of New Zealand’s unique creatures.